This Uneven Pace

Well, we’ll call it jazz, but the sophomore release by this often-quirky Ottawa trio has enough folk and cabaret and country bubbling through it that labels are even more pointless than usual. What’s relevant is that, as with their debut album Unlonely, lead singer and pianist Jerome, percussionist Mike Essoudry, and all-around instrumentalist Petr Cancura know how to have fun while creating evocative moods and vignettes peopled by mining engineers, campfire fans and blissful lovers. There’s room for everyone and everything in these songs, a happy fact underscored by Jerome’s beguiling, open-hearted vocals. With winter creeping in, the crystalline, melodica-accompanied track Skating deserves a special listen: sweet and whimsical and crisp, it’s everything that’s best about the trio.
—Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen
Megan Jerome Trio lançait récemment son album This Uneven Pace, qui amalgame brillamment le folk et le jazz contemporain avec ses chansons éclatantes et bien ficelées. La jolie voix de Megan Jerome tintera au Petit Chicago le 6 janvier pour un spectacle intimiste alors qu’elle sera accompagnée de ses talentueux musiciens, Petr Cancura et Mike Essoudry. À découvrir: l’excellent titre Up She Walks, qui mêle gaiement français et anglais avec sensibilité et humour.
—Mélissa Proulx, 4 janvier 2007, Voir


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