I’ll always remember the first time I heard “Flora”: I was sitting in a cab, barely paying attention to the radio, when all of a sudden it came on and instantly captivated me, to the point I actually shouted at the cabbie when he changed the station. There’s really no way to describe it as other than hauntingly beautiful.
Really, what I wrote about Megan Jerome last week in the context of “Flora” could go double for her most recent album, Bloomers. About half the album is comprised of similarly bewitching songs, hauntingly gorgeous piano melodies that simultaneously sound beautiful and eerie.
Of course, that would only tell half the story. After all, for every song on Bloomers like “Flora” or “Upside Down”, there are tracks like the Eastern European-tinged folk of “Cocktails”, or slow-moving ballads like “Starry Star” or “Big Old Moon”, or upbeat jazz like “Cake Tray”, or Franco-accordion folk like “Ils ne sontaient pa là” — in other words, songs that show that that Megan Jerome is an incredibly talented artist. It adds up to make Bloomers a wonderfully diverse album, and one that absolutely deserves to be checked out.
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