February 1, 2018


To celebrate the launch of my new album, Ooh Aah!, and the launch of this lovingly refreshed website, I’m sending #lovenotesofgratitude all February long! Each note will thank a person, and/or a resource that I have found helpful in my artistic life. I’ll post the notes on Facebook and Twitter, so please be sure to find me there!

By the end of February, all of the people/resources will be listed here, in case they might help you too! 

With much love and gratitude,



February 2, 2018

The first of my #lovenotesofgratitude is to YOU!

Yes, YOU – you creative, open loving soul!! THANK YOU for sharing posts, coming to gigs, bringing friends, buying albums. Thank you for all of this!

Here’s to many more joyful moments of connecting through music!!

Love and Thanks!,



February 3, 2018

The first of my #lovenotesofgratitude is to YOU and the first resource I’m sharing is YOU.

Yes, YOU! The most important creative resource I could possibly share with you, is YOU!

The seed of all your creative work is in you – your body, your spirit, your voice, your intuition, instinct, soul…it’s all in YOU!

Every resource I have to share helps you to get in touch with your own creativity!

So stay tuned….


February 4, 2018

Todays’s #lovenotesofgratitude is for this AMAZING VIDEO of Jonathan Adler giving away his creative secrets! Thank you Jonathan Adler!!! I love this video, SO MUCH. I love this message. I’ve written a song called F*ck It! Your Voice is Love! inspired by this!

Everyone do yourself a HUGE favour and click this link to check this video out!


February 5, 2018

to Julia Cameron #theartistsway A lifeline and path to joy!



February 6, 2018

Today is for #TheSongWritersIdeaBook by #SheilaDavis.

My friend and teacher, Rob Frayne​ introduced me to this book.

Davis has written many highly regarded songwriting books – this is the only one I have and I’ve found even the first chapter so helpful for the last 10 years that I’ve hardly looked further!!!!

It’s packed with SUCH concrete helpful information – tons of which you can preview on amazon – for ex.,  The Top Ten Writing Principles and The Key Decisions – these are two lists of ten items per list. I go through every song, one item at a time, and see how I can clarify/hone according to each item.

Whether I’m studying a song, learning a song, writing, honing, or preparing for a performance I’ve found these lists super clarifying time and time again, song after song, album after album.

I tell all my songwriting students – total beginners to pre-professionals – to take a look. I hope it helps you too!


February 7, 2018

to The AstroTwins!
Lively, Lovely and Wise!
Thank you!!!


February 8, 2018

Thank you Rideau Canal Skateway! What a glorious afternoon!!


February 9, 2018

To TD Ottawa Winter Jazz Fest 2018 at La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins! Cozy nights of concerts in intimate rooms, chatting in the lobby, glasses of wine in REAL GLASSES. Merci! A ce soir!


February 11, 2018


To Irene’s Pub for all of the LIVE MUSIC!

Megan Jerome Together Ensemble are playing Irene’s Friday March 2! Come enjoy a night of soulful music to soothe and lift your spirit!


February 12, 2018


To Ottawa Music Industry Coalition! BIG thanks for the workshops so far! From Social Media 101 for Artists, which led to the Artist Entrepreneur Bootcamp by Canada’s Music Incubator, I’ve learned and benefitted concretely from these workshops!


February 14, 2018


Thank you Creative Loving Energy of the Universe!! #artistsway #bigmagic


February 16, 2018

#lovenotesofgratitude to the dancing good vibes last night from Bumpin’ Binary at Black Squirrel Bumpin’ Binary Black Squirrel Books & Espresso BarDon Cummings Mike Essoudry! Woo hoo! Thanks!!


February 17, 2018

For delish nine dollar red wine LCBO ALIANÇA VINHOS DE PORTUGAL


February 18, 2018

to Elizabeth Gilbert
Thanks + Love for #bigmagic!
Yes!! I feel this too!!


February 19, 2018

#lovenotesofgratitude for Life, Love, Health, Friends, Family…SO MUCH to be thankful for! Thank you!!!!


February 20, 2018

#lovenotesofgratitude to Ottawa filmmaker extraordinare, Pixie Cram.

I’ve loved working with Pixie for probably 15 years! She’s friendly, supportive, creative, and wonderful to be around – plus I LOVE our promo vids!! Thanks Pixie!

If you’re looking for film and video – check her out!