Megan Jerome Together Ensemble Play at Kaffee 1870

Megan Jerome Together Ensemble are playing at Kaffee 1870 in Wakefield (715 Riverside Dr.) on Saturday, November 11 from 9 pm to 12 am.

The Together Ensemble wraps Megan Jerome’s voice and 1962 Wurlitzer in a lush instrumentation of guitar (Fred Guignon), organ (Don Cummings) and drums (Mike Essoudry). Tempos are deep and hypnotic, the dynamic range is wide, and the band envelops each song like a glowing malleable cloud. The effect is tangible and spiritual—the songs are at once orchestral and minimal, invoking warm, abstract colours and drawing from traditional gospel, stoner jazz and meditative classical music.

A charming, entertaining and richly satisfying performer, Megan connects with artists and audiences in all kinds of spaces – from art galleries, clubs and taverns to some of Canada’s major jazz, blues and folk festivals, to New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall. In the words of one fan, “It is not just her incredible musical talent, but her laughter, her story telling, her light that is so memorable.”

Here is what others have said . . .

“Megan wears her heart on her sleeve when she sings but is not afraid to look you in the eyes as she does it. Her songs, her lyrics and her performance tell stories that draw you in. She has an ability to connect to the audience and make you a part of it.” Petr Cancura, Ottawa Jazz festival programming manager and acclaimed multi–instrumentalist