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There are lots of performances coming up this January and February – I’m singing jazz standards and contemporary tunes with guitarist Alex Moxon in our duo, Stripped Down Soul. The Lake Effect Sound is at Irene’s and I’ll be singing with saxophonist René Lavoie at Gigspace in a tribute to Cannonball Adderly. Later in February I’ll be with TOM, a Tom Waits revue at Irene’s. LOTS to soak up! Please come!

Last spring I released a record of original tunes with the Together Ensemble. Our next gig is in March at Irene’s. Please read on to see our glorious reviews!! Thanks so so so much to all!!!

“Every once in a while you hear a record that stops you in your tracks, a record where everything just feels right and you wonder where did this come from? How can something sound so ripe?” Chrissy Steinbock

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ALL IN A DAY ON CBC RADIO – interview with Alan Neal

Megan Jerome’s fifth record is called Together Ensemble, and it’s as imaginative and emotional as her music has always been — but the new recordings radiate with a fuller, more textured sound. Jerome developed that sound alongside the album’s namesake, The Together Ensemble — a band she put together with a few of the city’s best players: Don Cummings on organ, Fred Guignon on guitar, and Mike Essoudry (Megan’s husband) on drums. The album spans a range of styles and moods, but Megan and the band never sound out of their element — on the contrary, Together Ensemble is a fitting title for music that feels so comfortable and effortless. – Jessica Runciman, CBC Ottawa

Ottawa’s Megan  Jerome has a special flair for smart, sassy, folk- and roots-inspired songwriting and her music’s blossoming on her new album Together Ensemble…earthy grooving and swirling atmosphere back up Jerome’s earnest, affecting voice and vintage Wurlitzer electric piano. – Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen

Listening to Ottawa’s own Megan Jerome, it’s clear that this is an artist carving her own path, drawing from a broad palette of influences while bravely averting imitation. Her delivery is much like her lyrics, disarmingly honest and inevitably charming and her joy in performing is infectious. It’ll be a treat to hear Jerome’s songs in a new light with a band featuring some of the city’s best musicians…who, as their bio says, “envelop each song like a glowing, malleable cloud.” It actually sounds like that. – Chrissy Steinbock, Apt613

Megan’s definitely a talented electric piano player with a dreamy voice. Full story, Adria May, Apt613

CKCU interviews with Janis LockwoodBirdie Whyte and Bob LeDrew, airplay on Pat Moore’s show too. Thanks all!

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