Thanks so much to Ottawa Blog Apt613 for choosing us as a Winter Jazz Fest highlight!

Megan Jerome and the Together Ensemble

Listening to Ottawa’s own Megan Jerome, it’s clear that this is an artist carving her own path, drawing from a broad palette of influences while bravely averting imitation. Her delivery is much like her lyrics, disarmingly honest and inevitably charming and her joy in performing is infectious. It’ll be a treat to hear Jerome’s songs in a new light with a band featuring some of the city’s best musicians, Mike Essoudry (drums), Fred Guignon (guitar) and Don Cummings (B3 organ) who, as their bio says, “envelop each song like a glowing, malleable cloud.” It actually sounds like that.  Here they are performing, “Moon”

(watch us play moon in the video on the right!!)

Starting in the spring, I began playing with Don Cummings (organ), Fred Guignion (guitar), and Mike Essoudry (drums). I had some sketches of new songs, and really wanted to try them out with these guys! What a fantastic fit! It’s like magic! We played a few times in the spring, and we let the songs simmer over the summer.

We played through the fall, rehearsals at Don’s complete with his amazing tapenade and bolognese! In November, we played every Sunday at Irene’s and also at Raw Sugar and Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield, and the music and timing just worked out beautifully! We’ve now recorded a record (more on that to come…) and have VIDEOS!


Friday February 6th we’re opening the Winter Jazz Fest! Come hear us LIVE at the Fourth Stage of the NAC! Check out this BLOG all about the new project!